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Women, no matter the stage of life we are in, face challenges that are often specific to who they are and how God has designed them. West Hills Women’s Ministry seeks to equip, connect, and move women to spiritual maturity. We seek to glorify God and serve Him by teaching sound doctrine that trains and disciples women to know and apply God’s Word to all stages of life. Please take the time to look over these ministries and see where you might connect with other women in the body of Christ.

“Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.”

– Jeremiah 17:7

2nd and 4th Mondays

Every 2nd and 4th Monday from 9am-11am
Begins: September 12th, 2022
Ends: May 22nd, 2023
Cost: $40 per semester (free childcare)

Being a mom of young children can be both exciting and overwhelming! Is there hope when it gets hard? At Mothering by Heart it is our goal to provide a place of encouragement, rest, and renewal for you during this very exciting, yet challenging season of life.

Our meetings include a hot breakfast, coffee, childcare, and speakers sharing on mom-related topics, and how Christ and the Bible offer hope to weary moms. You will have time to cultivate relationships with other moms and mentor-moms: seasoned mothers who have been where you are, and are eager to share their wisdom with you.

So, if you are a mom of young ones, hungry for fellowship, mentorship, advice, and some time off your feet, please grab your friends and join us at Mothering By Heart this winter/spring!

For more information contact Catherine Lopes

Monday Evening Studies

Women's Summer Book Club
"Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis

Begins June 5 - August 21, 2023
Mondays 7:00 - 8:00pm
Book cost: $13.00

Mere Christianity is a Christian apologetical book by C. S. Lewis. It was adapted from a series of BBC radio talks made between 1941 and 1944. The book consists of four parts:
1. The arguments for the existence of God;
2. Defense of Christian theology, including his notable "Liar, lunatic, or Lord" trilemma;
3. Exploration of Christian ethics
4. Is on the Christian conception of God.
He provides an unequaled opportunity for believers and non-believers alike to hear a powerful, rational case for the Christian faith.

All women are invited to join this book club.It meets at Robin Churches house from 7pm to 8pm. The meetings are done in book club format, that is you read the assigned chapters and show up ready to discuss what you read…a nice time to chat and fellowship as we dive into and discuss "Mere Christianity."

Contact Robin Church for more information or to join

Tuesday Evening Studies

Forgiving What You Can't Forgive
By Lysa Terkeurst

Starts February 21, 2023
7:00-9:00 pm
Book cost: $15.00

Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle of unresolved pain, playing offenses over and over in your mind? You know you can't go on living like this, but you don't know what to do next. Lysa TerKeurst has wrestled through this journey. But in surprising ways, she’s discovered how to let go of bound-up resentment and overcome the resistance to forgiving people who aren’t willing to make things right.
  • Learn how to move on when the other person refuses to change and never says they're sorry.
  • Walk through a step-by-step process to free yourself from the hurt of your past and feel less offended today.
  • Discover what the Bible really says about forgiveness and the peace that comes from living it out right now.
  • Identify what's stealing trust and vulnerability from your relationships so you can believe there is still good ahead.
  • Dis-empower the triggers hijacking your emotions by embracing the two necessary parts

To join this study or get more information contact Debbie Kenyon.

2 Peter & Jude
By LifeChange

Begins: January 17, 2023
6:30 - 8:30pm
Book cost: $10.00

The early church had faced persecution from outside the community. Now they were defending themselves from dangers within. Internal differences were not uncommon―but these churches were facing teachers who distorted the gospel for their own gain. Peter and Jude denounce these for-profit teachers and encourage Christ followers to stand firm in the faith, secure in the promise that Jesus will someday return.

Contact Jen Correia for more information.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Currently on pause for revitalization and leadership development. Goal to restart in the Fall of 2023. If you have a desire to start a small group home Bible Study this year on Wednesday mornings please contact Debbie Kenyon

Mentorship Workshops

Part 1 from November 12th, 2022. 
Taught by Pastor Mike Burchfield.

Part 2 from November 12th, 2022.
Taught by Pastor Mike Burchfield.