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The Quality of Christ’s Community

Recently, I have slowly been working my way through Ken Burns newest documentary, The Vietnam War; and watching, I found myself experiencing Deja Vu over and over. As scenes from the war, as well as protests to the war or civil rights marches move across the screen,...

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Get to know the church app #4: Giving

Let's talk about giving! We live in a world that is increasingly check-less and cash-less. Our new church app allows for quick and convenient financial giving and removes one less obstacle for us to be part of the mission of the church. You can set up a one time gift,...

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Get to know our church app #3: Notifications

We've all had moments where we've been driven mad by constant buzzing of our phones. This makes us hesitant to set "notifications" to on for newly downloaded apps. Yet, we've also had moments where our emails got buried and we missed out on important information we...

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Flu advice from a nurse

  Posting this advice as we go through a very serious and dangerous flu season.... Ok people, Nurse advice: The flu is real this year, Read carefully and stay at home! So sorry for those of you who have had it or are currently experiencing its wrath. Hope...

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Get to know our church app #2: Sermons

Many of us miss church from time to time because of travel or sickness. The church's new app makes growing in your faith through hearing the sermons even easier than before. Many of us have our phones with us more hours in the day than we care to admit and regularly...

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