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Under Pressure: a study guide for 1 Peter 4:1-11

Peter is continuing to guide us through how to navigate suffering as we follow Jesus. One of the big themes of the letter has been that followers of Jesus are strangers and exiles in this world because of our new identity in Jesus. This means that some will see our...

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Living as Christian Wives

Peter's focus in this section is to explore how chapter 2:11-12 is lived out. Peter's hope is that we will live out our faithfulness for the watching world to see God's character and that it would even bring some to faith. One of the arenas this is lived out is in our...

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The Joy in Fear: a study guide for 1 Peter 1:17-21

When Peter wrote that believers who call on God as Father should conduct themselves with fear throughout the time of your exile he was referring to a concept known as ‘the fear of the Lord’. What place does the fear of the Lord have in the life of a christian?

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