Blessings to you all from Young Life Adventures camp!

Right now I am sitting in “the barn,” our multifaceted club room, where we meet, eat together, have club, and hang out. This is the place where kids will gather each week to hear of Jesus and will learn more about following Him daily. As I write to you, I am wrapped up in blankets, as the early mornings are chilly here. Today I woke up thinking about the final tasks we must accomplish before campers arrive. Camp officially begins today! I’m intrigued to see how the groups connect because we have kids travelling from as far as Texas and as local as San Francisco.

I thank the Lord for His provision and strength as we have labored each day to prepare. The team has launched out every day to scrub, paint, sweep, assemble, and establish base camp. This is quite as project as the camp is dormant for most of the year and must be stored inside the barn. Due to heavy rains and consistent Santa Cruz moisture, we have had our work cut out for us. I praise God that the team has remained committed and encouraged. We continue to grow in unity and form friendships, build trust, and learn about each other.

This summer, the staff and interns will be studying the book of John and reading Encounters with Jesus by Timothy Keller. I look forward to how this book with help me pursue Jesus more. This week, as we have discussed our roles at camp, we have been developing our motivation for service. James Thomsen, the director, pursues excellence and wants each camper to develop a basis for how to read and apply God’s word. His aspiration is also directed towards the interns as he wants each of us to study the Bible in a way that informs us about who Jesus is, how to know Him more, and how to commune with Him day by day. I look forward to sharing with you more!

As we begin our first week I magnify the Lord’s goodness! He is always faithful and merciful. I praise Him that camp will be at capacity for the first 3 weeks. (50 leaders/campers). Which leads me to ask you to pray:

– That the Lord gives each intern strength, health, and endurance. For more info on the interns go to MEET THE INTERNS

– That He would help us learn our roles well, that we might serve Him wholeheartedly.

– That He helps us to take time to pray and fuel up each day in His word and presence.

– That campers would be prepared to grow in their faith and learn how to meditate on the word, pray, and find community in a church at home.

Thank you! May the Lord be with you! Monica Lines

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