A constant problem facing people in daily life is the problem of suffering and pain; and this fact touches us at many different levels. Most people suffer at some time and in some way in their lives. Suffering comes physically, and emotionally and spiritually. It affects young and old. And it isn’t a respecter of persons. Both the old and the young suffer and diseases such as cancer afflcit those of every age. Wars and famines come. And physical and sexual abuses happen in the best of families and to the ‘bad’ and the ‘good’ alike. Death comes to us all.

In a world so saturated with suffering, can we honestly speak of God’s love, grace and compassion? Is He truly good – and if He is, how can He be all powerful? Job is all about questions like these. Job was a man who lived a good life and was prosperous. But despite his goodness and blamelessness, he suffered great economic and personal loss, not to mention extreme sickness, until even his wife told him to curse God and die. How did he cope with his sufferings? How did his suffering affect his understanding of God? And if he suffered so very much, was he really blameless? Isn’t it true that the good proper and the bad suffer? And in suffering, where is God?

On Sunday August 6 we will be taking up questions like these in our survey of the book of Job – a book with the purpose of providing hope and comfort to those who suffer. Job provides wisdom to those walking the way of Christ when suffering comes; and it gives a deeper understnading of the mysterious workings of God. This study is the first in a five week series taken from the Old Testament books of wisdom titles Wisdaom in the Way of Christ.

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