We live in a broken world. Christian or not, life for most who walk on planet earth is experienced as a series of sorrowful and mundane events broken up by moments of joy and tragedy. We try to control this reality by finding identity in our achievements, safety in our finances and understanding in our wisdom; or we pursue respite by seeking pleasure and comfort.

The problem is, none of these things really work. Our achievements fail and are forgotten, and no amount of money or knowledge can protect us from heartache and death. And our attempts to escape the pain of reality with pleasure do not ultimately remove it.

So how do we as followers of Jesus make sense of this? How do we navigate the years we live in a fallen universe? Ecclesiastes describes the ways that our world is broken and the failing ways we try to control or deny this reality. Having clearly demonstrated how things actually are, Ecclesiastes gives us the key for making sense of our world and navigating it in a way that honors God and comforts our soul.

Join us this coming Sunday (August 27) as we lift our eyes up to our Lord and here His wisdom for life when all seems meaningless!

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