It has been said that the book of Psalms is wisdom for the temple, but the book of Proverbs is wisdom for the marketplace. I agree…but I would also throw in: for the home, the workplace, the courtroom, the accountants office, for marriage, for child-rearing, for friendship, government and much more! The Proverbs contain a God-given compilation of short, punchy statements and poems that provide clear thinking for just about every area of life. What could be more helpful than that?!

Join us on Sunday, August 20th as we engage what God has taught us about…everything. . .from the mundane aspects of daily life, to the creation and destiny of the cosmos. We will be discussing Proverbs as a unique type of biblical literature, several of the most important themes developed in the book, and how the book ultimately points us to the person of Jesus Christ. We will look closely at key phrases such as “the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” (Prov 1:7), and key characters such as the wise-man and the fool, the diligent and the lazy, and the righteous and the wicked. The goal of this message will be to help you think more deeply about the fear of the Lord and how this provides for us wisdom, in the way oif Christ, and—perhaps even more importantly—to help you see the glory of God in Proverbs in the face of Jesus Christ. I hope to see you there!

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