On Sunday June 24 we will study 1 Peter 1:14-15 together. The theme of our message on Sunday will be Winning the War with Passions. To prepare for our Sunday time in God’s Word, you may find it helpful to read verses 13 to 16 prayerfully several times while alone with God or with your spouse or family. Then consider the following questions:

1) Peter refers to the christians he wrote to as ‘obedient children’ in verse 14. Name several qualities that typify an obedient child.

2) Why do you think Peter refers to the christians he wrote to as ‘obedient children’?

3) Verse 14 instructs christians not to be conformed to the passions of their former ignorance. What does it mean to ‘be conformed’ to something?

4) The word ‘passions’ comes from a Greek word which describes any strong desire or longing. Give some examples of things people strongly desire before becoming christians. What are some examples of bad desires? Good desires?

5) Why do you think Peter labels life before becoming christians as ‘your former ignorance’?

6) Instead of being conformed to the passions of our former ignorance, christians are called to ‘be holy in all [our] conduct’. Why do you think Peter encouraged believers to be holy.instead of encouraging them to simply replace their former passions with a new set of passions?

7) How does God’s holiness help us win the war against our former desires?

8) From these verses, what do we learn about winning the war with passions?

Note: These study guides are published weekly to aid people in preparing for the Sunday messages from God’s Word. The guides will ideally be published on Mondays, but in shorter work weeks they will appear on the blog by Thursday at the latest. 





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