The Book of Job
Time: 10:45 am
Location: Green 1
Teacher: Chris Hauge

Everyone wrestles with the problem of pain. Every person has the feeling deep inside of them that things are not how they ought to be. For some the challenge is keeping their eyes fixed on Jesus as they navigate pain and suffering. For others, the presence of suffering and evil in the world, in general, becomes the barrier to placing faith in Jesus in the first place. How do you have a good and loving God with the pain and evil in this world? How do you walk with God when life hurts? Why does it seem like suffering is unfair? We wonder where God is when life breaks apart.

It is impossible to understand what the Bible teaches about pain and suffering unless you take a good look to the book of Job. In the book we see that Job’s suffering is brutal and remains a mystery to him even at the end of the book. He loses everything he holds dear and faced with the very real challenge of if he will remain faithful to God. The people around Job do the natural thing of trying to comfort him but in doing so they add salt to the wound and trivialize his suffering by trying to make sense of it with surface level explanations and truisms. Job vocalizes honest questions, a desire for answers and throughout the entire ordeal remains faithful. The whole book is a perplexing yet beautiful image of God’s faithfulness when it seems like he is not there. Are you ready to have your assumptions of God’s role in our suffering challenged and learn that we cannot assume that we know why someone suffers while others do not?

Join our class, beginning Sunday October 8th, as we teach through the book of Job and look at God’s faithfulness, navigating pain in this broken world and grow in wisdom to encourage others as they do the same.

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