During the time of the judges, everyone did what was right in his own eyes. It was evident that a king was needed, but he must be God’s king and desired for the right reason: to shepherd the people for the glory of God in the world. The Israelites, however, wanted a king in order to be like the nations around them. The impressive young king they received was soon rejected by God.

June 9 – In this session, we will see the prophesied punishment on Eli’s family become reality. Because of the sin of Eli’s sons, the Israelites faltered in their battle with their enemies, the Philistines. In an effort to turn the battle in their favor, the Israelites looked to the symbol of God presence, but they didn’t look to the God behind the symbol. This led to a crushing defeat and the departure of God’s glory. When God brought His glory back home, the people responded with joy and worship, but they also forgot God’s holiness and suffered the consequences. God’s holiness must be respected as it drives us to repentance.

June 16 – In this session, we will see the Israelites ask for a king to judge them and lead them in their battles against the nations around them. They believed a human king would do better than Samuel and his sons to protect them from their enemies. But in rejecting the leadership of Samuel, they were actually rejecting the kingship of the Lord. The king they would get would fail to be one devoted to God’s own heart. Instead, he would fail to trust the Lord for provision and protection and he would fail to obey the Lord’s word. The people got whom they wanted, but who they wanted didn’t measure up.

June 23 –  When Samuel’s career as prophet and judge was winding down, the people of Israel demanded that Samuel appoint them a king so they could be like the nations around them. God warned them of the foolishness of this demand and gave them over to the consequences of their request, consequences that did not take long to manifest under King Saul’s failed reign. In this session, we will look at David and see how he became the second king of Israel. In David we see the kind of king that God desires while also catching a glimpse of the future King God would one day provide. David won the battle over Goliath, one of the most dangerous enemies Israel ever faced, but Jesus, our perfect King, won the ultimate victory in His battle with sin and death.

June 30 – David, the young shepherd boy, had squared off against the fierce giant named Goliath and, through the Lord’s power, defeated him and won the victory for the Israelites. It wasn’t long before Israel’s hero became King Saul’s nemesis. When Saul heard the people praising David, jealousy began consuming his heart, leading to multiple attempts to kill David. As a result, David feared for his life and fled to the wilderness. In this session, we will see David’s character on display as he, a fugitive, refused to take an opportunity to eliminate his rival. At the same time, we’ll see how this story points us to Jesus, who loved His enemies in even greater ways than David, to the point of dying for them.


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