12/9 Teaching with Dr. Matt Warnock: In the previous session, we watched as Joseph went from being the favored son of his father to a slave in Egypt by the hands of his jealous brothers. In this session, we will see God setting the stage for His plans to come to pass, just not in the way Joseph and his family would have expected. The dreams God gave Joseph (Gen. 37:5-7,9) would come true; Joseph’s brothers would bow down to him. But first, Joseph would have to endure more adversity. God’s act of redemptive reversal was not yet complete. In the end, we will see that we can be confident that God works providentially in our lives, even through adversity, for His glory and our good.

12/16: Teaching with Mr. Scott Bursese: In this session, we wrap up Joseph’s story and the Book of Genesis and see how God’s plan all along was to redeem His people through Jacob’s favored son. Joseph was about to make sense of the suffering he had endured, and his brothers were about to experience the beauty of forgiveness. And through Joseph and his brothers’ reunion, God was about to preserve His people. Joseph’s suffering was painful. The brothers’ sin was evil. But God was going to bring beauty from ashes to reveal His purposes. And in revealing this to Joseph and his family, God also reveals to us that He is a God who can do anything, even override evil with good.

12/23: Family Worship in Main Worship Service. No CREW Sunday School

12/30: Teaching with Mrs. Carmichael In this session we move from Genesis to Exodus and continue the story of Abraham’s family well after the days of Joseph. Jacob, his sons, and their families arrived in Egypt as welcomed guests generations before, but now the children of Israel were enslaved in Egypt. Through our study of the Book of Exodus, we will learn much about God’s character and nature: He is a mighty God, all-knowing and all-powerful, and yet, He is also close and personal. God heard the cries of His people in bondage, and He responded with compassion. He was attentive to His people and faithful to keep His promises. As God began His rescue, He revealed to the Israelites, the Egyptians, and to us that He is sovereign over all.

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