As Christians living in a post-Christian world it is important to understand foundational details about the great salvation we have through our Lord Jesus Christ; and the apostle Peter has explained these foundational truths in the opening verses (vv.2-12) of his letter to the exiles of Asia Minor. Question is, how should Christians live in the world, in light of these great truths? On Sunday, June 17 we will begin to learn Peter’s answer to this question as we launch into verses 13 to 21. To aid in pre-sermon preparation, use this simple study guide.

Our text for Sunday June 17 is 1 Peter 1:13-21. Read this portion of 1 Peter prayerfully, three times. The answer these simple questions:

1) After reading these nine verses a few times, what do you think the main theme of these verses is?

2) Peter refers to Christians ‘obedient children’ in verse fourteen. What does he tell these obedient children to avoid? Why do you think he gave this instruction?

3) In verse 15 Peter say to his readers to “be holy in all your conduct, for it is written, ‘Be holy, for I am holy’ “. What does ‘be holy’ mean to you? How con someone ‘be holy’?

4) Review verse 17. In verse 17 Peter appeals to his readers to conduct themselves with fear if they appeal to the Father who judges impartially. If God is our Father and loves us as Christians, why should we fear?

5) What do these verses (vv.13-21) show us about Jesus Christ?

6) Is there a promise from God which we can claim as ours in these verses? A sin to be avoided? A command to obey?

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