For Sunday October 7 we will study 1 Peter 5:5b-11 together. The title of our message will be Keys to Waging  Christian Warfare. The theme of the message will be the christian warfare and the keys to being victorious in it. To prepare for our time in God’s Word this Sunday, you may find it helpful to read verses 5b to 11 prayerfully several times while alone with God or with your spouse or family. Then consider the following questions:

1) Verse 5 b and 6 of this text speak of humility. What is humility? Define this word from a dictionary.

2) When Peter writes to believers to ‘clothe themselves in humility’, what do you think this means? How does a believer accomplish this? What are characteristics of a person who lives a humble life?

3) In verse 5b humility and grace are paired and resistance and pride are paired. Meditate on this verse. How does humility result in grace? Why would God resist the proud?

4) How does God’s resistance to pride show up in a persons life?

5) How does humility empower victory over the evil one (named ‘the Devil’ in verse 8)?

6) Consider you own life. How has the devil tried to hinder or hurt you and your christian faith? How do you think the devil was resisting the believers Peter wrote to in 1 Peter, based on what you understand from our study of this book?

7) Read verses 8 and 9 again. What three keys are given to believers in these verses which will result in victory over the devil?

8) What part does humility of play enabling believers to recognize and overcome the devils schemes?



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