This past Sunday, Pastor Mike updated our congregation on the status of our submittal of building project plans to the City of Morgan Hill.  As you may recall our first submittal of plans was made a few months ago.  The City responded by asking for further details in various areas.

Our first official re-submittal to the city (planners, engineers etc) was submitted last week. We expect to hear a response from our re-submission around mid July.  We are going through one of the more challenging phases of development and planning. This phase is slow and a bit difficult, but expected.

As we hear back from the City, there may be additional requests and further information needed. We will continue to communicate back and forth with the planning department in anticipation of moving forward in being placed on the City Planning Commissions calendar to ask for approval of our phased development plan. Our engagement with the planners currently has much to do with the preparation required in presenting the most acceptable and thoroughly prepared project plans to go before the Planning Commission.

Per the requirements set forth by the City of Morgan Hill, we have started a multi-month environmental impact study regarding the overall site plan for our building project. This process involves the city assessing any number of things having to do with environmental issues.  The study itself might take 3 months or longer.  We continue to ask you to keep praying and stay patient.

Additionally, as part of the J1 master plan, the existing sanctuary was scheduled for a bit of a face lift, including a new roof and the relocation of our air-conditioning units, which are currently on the roof. Because the existing sanctuary is currently in need of a new roof, we are proposing to replace the roof and relocate the air-conditioning units on the front end of the project.  As stipulated in the final phase of the building project, the existing sanctuary would be phased into the new sanctuary by means of a common assembly area, complete with covered and uncovered gathering areas. The plan for the project includes a slight expansion of the covered area surrounding the sanctuary and the placing of the air-conditioning units in a hidden space above the existing restrooms.

The project cost is proposed at approximately $160k of which $130K will be funded from our J1 project funds as it represents modifications and improvements specified in the J1 master plan. The remaining $30K will be paid out of our general fund as it relates to upgrades and repairs not specified in the J1 master plan. The current J1 reserved funds stand at $1.8mm.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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