For Sunday July 1 we will study 1 Peter 1:15-16 together. The theme of our message will be Holy Father, Holy Children.To prepare for our time in God’s Word this Sunday, you may find it helpful to read verses 14 and 16 prayerfully several times while alone with God or with your spouse or family. Then consider the following questions:

1) The idea that is central to verses 15 and 16 is being holy like God is holy. Look up the word ‘holy’ in several dictionaries. What does this word ‘holy’ mean?

2) Peter wrote that christians should be holy in all their conduct because ‘he who called you is holy’. Why do you think being holy as God is holy is important?

3) In verse 16 Peter quotes a verse from Leviticus 11:44. What does it mean that God is holy? (See also Lev. 19:2; 20:7,26; 21:8; Ex. 19:6; Isa. 6:1-3; Rev. 4:8)

4) How can a person be holy as God is holy? What might this look like in real, daily life?

5) Compare what Peter writes in verse 14 with what he wrote in verse 15-16. Does this comparison help us determine what a holy life might look like, practically?

6) Describe what a holy life might look like compared to an unholy life? How can a person know if they are unholy? How can they know if they are holy?

Note: These study guides are published weekly to aid people in preparing for the Sunday messages from God’s Word. The guides will ideally be published on Mondays, but in shorter work weeks they will appear on the blog by Thursday. 


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