We’ve all had moments where we’ve been driven mad by constant buzzing of our phones. This makes us hesitant to set “notifications” to on for newly downloaded apps. Yet, we’ve also had moments where our emails got buried and we missed out on important information we wish we knew about. We do not want you to miss out, and we do not want to spam you with info… so trust us and turn on your app notifications!

First off, if you do not have the new church app please download it here.

Once downloaded you can simply “opt in” to receive notifications when prompted by your phone, however if you’ve already missed that just follow these simple steps:

Click the icon with the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner:

That will take you to the App’s menu feature. Once there you’ll see lots of options like a notes, downloads, settings, etc. To turn on notifications please select “settings”.

Hit the notifications option:

And finally, you can opt into whichever notification channel you’d like.

If you only want Womens ministry info and nothing else, you can de-select everything but “Womens Events and Info”. Or you can opt into “Childrens Ministry” and “Revelation Bible Study”.

We will periodically update these channels to allow for specific groups to get relevant info, so check back from time to time to see if the options have changed. We will use the general notification channel for important all church event info.

Opt in to the notification features so you do not miss out on important info!

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