Many of us miss church from time to time because of travel or sickness. The church’s new app makes growing in your faith through hearing the sermons even easier than before. Many of us have our phones with us more hours in the day than we care to admit and regularly use them for podcasts and audio… so why not catch up on missed sermons to stay up to date with our teaching series?

If you do not have the app yet you can download it here.

First open up the app and the first thing you’ll see on the home screen is a button that will take you to the current sermon series (green circle) and you’ll also notice that there is a tab button on the bottom for our sermon archives (blue circle). Let’s focus on the current series.


Once you click on the current series button you’ll see a list of the current sermons including the date, title and passage of scripture. Click on the most recent sermon.

Once there you’ll see quite a few options like the ability to download the audio recording, or you can click on the listen option for streaming (red circle). You can also share the audio to social media, email or text (green circle) or open up the notes feature to type out notes as you listen (yellow underline). The notes feature requires you to set up a profile and they’ll automatically be stored for you in the cloud.


Finally, say you’re listening and have to stop for a moment and come back to the sermon later, you can conveniently hit pause and the app will remember where you last were when you open it up again in the future.

Get caught up with sermons you’ve missed and explore the media archive to catch up on some recent past series. We’re working to get more of our audio uploaded into our archives, so check back frequently in the next few months!


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