We have all had the experience of hearing about something that we found interesting and important and then in a few days or maybe even in a matter of moments we forget about it. It comes from living in a fast paced world, not writing it down and not knowing where to go back to look for the info.

One of our hopes for the church app is to create deeper community engagement by creating a space where you know where to find event info about important all church events.

First off you can download our new app on the android and apple stores or you can have the link sent to your phone via text.

Once downloaded open the app and it will automatically put you on the home screen. From there you can click our events button for a list of upcoming church-wide events.

From there you will get a list of the upcoming events. Here we see info about our West Hills 101 Dinner, an all church prayer night, the mens breakfast and missions month.

What’s great about the church app is that on the event page you can find more specific info, add it to your calendar (red circle), and share it directly to others or to your social media pages (green circle). This allows you to help promote church activities and keep yourself up to speed with calendar information.

Keep exploring the new app! Our prayer is that it will help you to stay engaged in the church community and help you grow more and more in your relationship with God and God’s people.


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