Community Group Study “Genesis: Who is God?”

Before your community group meets:

In our last study guide we covered some of the foundational information for Genesis 1-11. You can watch a helpful summary video here (or search online for “Read Scripture: Genesis 1-11”).

Read through Genesis 1:1-2:3 and write down 7-8 observations about God specifically that you learned from studying just this passage of scripture.

Study Information:

Genesis was written by Moses, Jesus affirms this in Luke 24:44 when he talks about the “Law of Moses”, and throughout the book of Genesis the author is concerned with the story of how God interacted with the world (Genesis 3-11) and how God formed the people of Israel (Genesis 12-50). We learned earlier that the book of Genesis, along with the other 4 books of the Pentateuch (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) were written down during the 40 years the people of God wandered in the wilderness after they were disobedient to go in and take the land of Canaan (Numbers 13-14). This means that these words are being given to the people of God, after those 40 years of wandering, before they go into the Promised Land to give them courage and a picture of God’s sovereignty and faithfulness.

These first few words of Genesis are really important because Moses is giving the people of God a picture of who their God is. As a nation, they were formed in Egypt over 400 years of being in slavery (Genesis 15:13, Exodus 1:1-7). They are coming out a culture that had a religious system with multiple gods who controlled various aspects of the world and were often at odds with each other. To make matters more difficult, they’re entering the land of Canaan, which was known for having some serious problems with wicked idolatry including sacrificing kids to their gods and some really devious sexual practices that were tied up into worship of these gods.

God speaks through Moses in Genesis 1 to give the people of God, and us today, a clear picture of who he is so we can navigate the world we’re in with faithfulness to him.

At your community group:

Take 15-20 minutes to share about how God has been at work in your life, prayer concerns and pray for one another.

How did God speak to you through the scripture and the sermon this week?

Scripture and Discussion Questions:

Can you remember what your first thoughts about God were? What were they and where did they come from?

What are 7-8 observations you have about God from reading Genesis 1:1-2:3?

Read Genesis 1:1 out loud. This passage teaches that God was before all creation and brought it into being. Think about friends and family who may believe something different than what this passage teaches. How would they answer the question… “who/what created the universe?”

What do their answers teach us about their view of who God is?

How does our view of God affect how we live? Can you think of a few examples?

Why did God create? Read through the passages below as a group and list out what they teach us about God’s motivation for creating and what we learn about God from them.

Psalm 19:1-4

Romans 1:19-20

Isaiah 48:12-13

John 17:24-26

John 1:1-4 and Colossians 1:16-17

Of the reasons given for God creating that you discussed above, which one is most significant to you and why? What does it specifically teach you about God and his ways?


Read Genesis 1:1-2:3 this next week and list out 10 observations you see about the days of creation specifically.

In future weeks we will discuss what it means to be created in the image of God. Pray about what that means and ask God to reveal that to you from your time in your bible reading this week.

List out two questions you have about the creation story that you can pray about and look into over the next week.

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