Saturday – Feb 9th: Rain or Shine

It looks like it will rain on Saturday, so I thought our ladies would rather meet up at Lawson’s bakery!  Our plan is to have a small group discussion and then Sydney Hauge and I will drive the girls back to the church to work on a project that will reinforce our small group discussion.  We will meet at Lawson’s at 10AM and plan on pick up at noon at the church.
The craft will be $5, but it is up to you if you want to send money with your daughter to purchase a late breakfast or hot drink. I can buy each girl a small hot chocolate, but will be limited in purchasing breakfast treats for all.  It is NOT required to bring in money to spend at Lawson’s. Since we will be done at noon, you can decide if packing a sack lunch is needed.  As we work on our projects,  each are welcome to eat what they bring.
If you happen to have a small hammer, then please send it. We will be using the jewelry hammers I have but will be limited in the amount I have. Sharing is caring , so we will make do with what we have. Again, having a hammer is NOT required.
You may want to use the following link to look at menu prices:

See you at 10 AM this Saturday
Lawson’s Bakery: 15862 Monterey Rd, Morgan Hill

Pick Up at noon at WHCC on the top of the hill.

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