JH CREW Sunday School Teaching:

Feb 3 1st Sunday of each month: Family Worship in Main Service

Feb 10 Mr. Matt Warnock teaching on Exodus 32:1-14: An Image of Idolatry – Moses had left the Israelites at the base of Mount Sinai and had gone to speak with God. But while Moses was receiving the law, the people were in rebellion, calling on Aaron to fashion a golden calf to fulfill their desire to worship something tangible. In this session, we will see what the heart of idol worship looks like and God’s rightful response to it: judgment. But once again, as we have seen so often throughout Exodus, we will see that God offers grace in the midst of His people’s

Feb 17 Mr. Scott Bursese teaching on Exodus 36:2-7; 39:42-43; 40:34-38: A Place for God’s Presence – In this session, we will trace the construction of the tabernacle, God’s place of dwelling among His people. We will see that God provided the resources for the tabernacle and moved the hearts of His people to obey the instructions He had given them through Moses. Then we will see that when their work was done and completed according to God’s plan, God came to dwell with His people. However, we will also see that God had a better way to dwell with His people, a way that was realized in the person of Jesus Christ.

Feb 24 Mrs. Carmichael teaching on Leviticus 16:2-6,15-22: A Picture of Atonement – The Book of Exodus describes how sinful people were rescued and reconciled to holy God through a deliverer He Himself sent. Now in this session, we turn our attention to the Book of Leviticus and see that God provided a high priest for His people. Year after year, this representative brought a sacrifice to atone for the sins of the people. We will see that God appointed the Day of Atonement as a way for the people of Israel to be in relationship with Him and as a picture of a better way to come, a way that sin would be dealt with once and for all when the perfect high priest and sinless substitute would take our place and pay the punishment our sin deserved.

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