Student Special Invite for Leadership!  CREW Ambassador: Renewal Applications in January

The purpose of our youth group is to help students love God and know God. This happens most completely through meeting Him in His Word. The knowledge of God and His desire for us is the foundation of students’ faith. This knowledge is the wisdom that comes from knowing God by engaging with the Bible. Our knowledge of God leads to a life that is pleasing to God, where the individual “bears fruit in every good work.”

CREW Youth group is an outreach group to engage local students who don’t regularly attend church to feel welcomed. A CREW Student Ambassador will be equipped in learning how to engage, disciple and pray for peers.  It is my hope that our CREW Ambassadors will learn to live out their faith by stepping into a role of leadership. They will have the opportunity to plan outreach events and learn to engage and disciple peers. The requirement for this role is that their has been a profession of faith, regular attenders of CREW AND can come to CREW at 6:00 PM 1x per month. If CREW is interested, please have your student speak to Mrs. Carmichael. Last year, we softly launched, but starting in January, there will be much more structured guidance.

The commitment is to come the first Tuesday of each month to our monthly meeting at 6PM. CREW starts at 6:45, so it would mean an early drop off 1X a month.  Additionally, we would have CREW Ambassador events to help team unity.  It is open to incoming 6-8th grade guys and ladies of WHCC. Renewals are needed for all.

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