Many of us have been particularly impacted by the recent fires in Northern California, particularly the devastating Camp Fire. Our staff and leadership has been thinking and praying about how to respond. We’ve reached out to a few churches in the Chico/Butte area with the hopes of partnering with the body of Christ who are the boots on the ground in the area. The hope is to support the church as they minister the gospel to people who’ve been greatly affected by this tragic disaster.

We’re recommending that this December you give as the Lord leads to the fund that LifeSpring church of Chico, CA have set up to aide the victims of the Camp Fire.

LifeSpring is an evangelical bible church in Chico. We first heard about them through our connections with other local churches in Morgan Hill and believe that they are a great organization to support to help provide relief.

You can give directly to the fund they have set up here (Please write “CAMP FIRE RELIEF” in the comments).

This money is being used in two ways:

First, they are providing immediate relief to families affected by the Camp Fire up to $500 a family and they’re doing it in a unique way. Each family that applies is referred to the fund by a member of LifeSpring church which means that LifeSpring is out in the community, building relationships and connections with people who’ve been displaced by the fire. We’re excited about this because it means that everyone receiving assistance has a connection with the body of Christ and there are gospel opportunities present because of this.

Second, over this next year LifeSpring is setting up a Foster a Family fund that will allow families to apply for special assistance to help cover expenses that insurance did not cover such as new tools for people who are in construction trades, refrigerators, ovens and other appliances and many other needs that may exist because of a gap in what was lost and what insurance could pay out. LifeSpring is setting it up in such a way that these funds will be used to purchase those items directly from the vendors.

Please take some time as a family this December to pray about how to support the body of Christ and their response to this disaster. Our hope is that God will use this tragedy to bring many to a saving faith in Jesus and that the church will reflect the love and grace of God well! Please pray for those things to take place and consider if you’re able to give to the relief effort taking place through LifeSpring.

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