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Studies In Daniel

Studies In Daniel

With national and world events unfolding as they are, there are two Bible books many are interested in and which have much to say to Jesus’s followers - the books of Daniel, and Revelation. In part, these books deal with future events and the coming of Jesus Christ. But, when Daniel and John wrote, they did so with another more important purpose in mind. They wrote to encourage God’s people during times of captivity and suffering, and to teach the church how to suffer well for Christ.

A Prayer and a Covenant by Mike Burchfield - December 8, 2015

Daniel 9:1-27

A Ram, a Goat and Little Horn by Mike Burchfield - December 1, 2015

Daniel 8:1-27

The Four Great Empires and the Victory of God by Mike Burchfield - November 17, 2015

Daniel 7:1-28

Rescued from the Lion's Mouth by Mike Burchfield - November 10, 2015

Daniel 6:1-28

Holy Vessels and the Judgement of God by Mike Burchfield - November 3, 2015

Daniel 5:1-31

A Ghastly Death, a Glorious Deliverance by Mike Burchfield - October 27, 2015

Daniel 3:1-30

An Image, a Stone and the Kingdom of God by Mike Burchfield - October 20, 2015

Daniel 2:1-49

Separation, Assimilation and the Sovereignty of God by Mike Burchfield - October 13, 2015

Daniel 1:1-21

Studies In Daniel Introduction by Mike Burchfield - October 6, 2015