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Cultivate - A Study In the Psalms

Cultivate - A Study In the Psalms

A Six Week Study Through the Psalms

From Pastor Mike on why this study:
Through the Psalms, I have learned much about God, about his works and ways, and how to grow deeper in prayer. I have also experienced a lot of growth in grace. I find I agree with the German Lutheran pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, wrote to his students and to the church in Germany, “It is a great grace that God tells us how we can speak with and have community with, God. We can do so because we pray in the name of Jesus Christ. The Psalms have been given to us precisely so that we can learn to pray in the name of Jesus.”

My desire as a pastor/elder is to help others gain similar benefits from the Psalms - and to do so, I’ve planned this series titled Cultivate: Growing in grace through the Psalms. We will study the various types of Psalms, discover important truths about God and Christ from the Psalms, and learn to pray the Psalms by applying them to real situations in life that we may face. The goal is to help believers cultivate a deeper walk with Christ and a more robust prayer life, as we grow in grace through the Psalms.

Week 6: Psalms of Pilgrimage and Enthronement by Mike Burchfield - July 21, 2015

Psalms of worship and praise, which were sung by Israel as the traveled up to Jerusalem to celebrate their annual feasts.

Week 5: Psalms of Thanksgiving by Mike Burchfield - July 14, 2015

These are Psalms of Thanks, which express gratitude to God for his many benefits, both nationally and individually.

Week 4: Imprecatory Psalms by Mike Burchfield - July 7, 2015

Psalms of divine revenge or retribution. The psalmist is calling on God to avenge him or avenge Israel by bringing judgement, wrath and punishment on enemies.

Week 3: Psalms of Lament by Mike Burchfield - June 30, 2015

Lament Psalms focus on the writers troubles, trails, failures, fears, trouble and pain, while calling on God for deliverance.

Week 2: The Royal Psalms by Mike Burchfield - June 23, 2015

Royal Psalms teach us truth about the Messiah. They are prophetic, looked forward to Messiah’s coming, and often predicted detail about his suffering, while speaking of His reign.

Week 1: Psalms Intro and the Wisdom Psalms by Mike Burchfield - June 16, 2015

Wisdom Psalms are instructive. These Psalms teach us how to live wisely before God, and they reveal something of God’s will for us.