Jesus for the 21st Century

Jesus, the Gospel and the Kingdom of God

How to Seek First the Kingdom of God by Mike Burchfield - February 14, 2010

Matthew 6:33

Jesus told his disciples to seek God's kingdom and righteousness over everything. But, what does this mean for people in the 21st century? This message answers that question.

Significance of Change by Mike Burchfield - February 7, 2010

Mark 1:15

When Jesus called Israel to repent and believe the good news, what was he calling them to do? And what does this mean for 21st century Christians?

Signals of Change by Mike Burchfield - January 31, 2010

Mark 1:14-15

This is the first message in the mini series "Jesus, the gospel and the Kingdom of God"

The Gospel Without the Fine Print

By Todd Burgett - January 10, 2010

Matthew 10:26-42

Following Christ comes with many difficult demands – these demands are not a secret and despite their difficulty, are worth whatever the cost. In this sermon we'll look at six realities of the cost and worth of following Christ as His disciple.

Direction 2010

The outlook for expanding, expressing, and equipping the gospel in our communities.

Understanding the Three G's by Mike Burchfield - January 25, 2010

Selected Scriptures

There are three core values defining the West Hills Community and this sermon defines and illustrates what they are.

A Biblical Rationale for Community Groups by Christian Zorio - January 17, 2010

Selected Scriptures

This message examines the theology, threats and thrust of biblical community so that you consider participation in the community group ministry.

Direction 2010 by Mike Burchfield - January 3, 2010

Selected Scriptures

Pastor Mike preached this sermon the first Sunday of January 2010 to explain the purpose of West Hills and the direction for the coming year.

Jesus for the 21st Century

Who Is This, Who Even Forgives Sins? by Todd Burgett - December 6, 2009

Luke 7:36-50

The forgiveness found in Christ has an impact that defies the expectations of culture, religion and perception.

Jesus for the 21st Century

What Jesus Said About Jesus

Jesus and the Need for Perseverance by Mike Burchfield - December 13, 2009

Selected Scriptures

Do you have difficulty understanding how salvation can be by grace through faith apart from works on the one hand while obedience to Jesus is necessary on the other? This message covers this paradox.

Jesus the True Vine by Mike Burchfield - November 29, 2009

John 15:1-8

Jesus the True Vine explains the key to a fruitful Christian life and the danger of fruitlessness.

Jesus: The Way, the Truth and the Life by Mike Burchfield - November 22, 2009

John 14:1-11

Many have an issue with the exclusive claims of the Christian faith. But are these claims valid? Jesus answers this questions in the sixth of HIs 'I Am' statements. This sermon examines these claims.

Jesus the Resurrection and the Life - Part 2 by Christian Zorio - November 15, 2009

John 11:17-46

In John 11:17-46 we find the total sufficiency of Christ for our greatest trial. Namely, we see His purpose provision and power displayed in the crisis of Lazarus, so we run to Him as the anchor for our souls now and in the day of trouble.

Jesus the Resurrection and the Life - Part 1 by Christian Zorio - November 8, 2009

John 11:1-4

We all at one time or another will go though difficulty, trials, even crisis. The question is where is God and what is He doing in the midst of the storm? In John 11:1-14, Jesus Himself provides three purposes that He intends to accomplish through human trial and even suffering exemplified by the death and subsequent resurrection of His friend Lazarus.

Jesus the Gate and the Good Shepherd by Mike Burchfield - November 1, 2009

John 10:1-21

This sermon, the third in What Jesus said about Jesus series, deals with spiritual abuse and its cure.

Jesus the Light of the World by Mike Burchfield - October 25, 2009

John 8:12

The second sermon in the What Jesus said about Jesus series, this message explains how Jesus is the Light of the World and what this means for people in the 21st century.

Jesus the Bread of Life by Mike Burchfield - October 18, 2009

John 6:35-40

Many people have a hunger deep in their soul and spend their lives searching to satisfy it; Jesus claims to be the solution to their hunger, for He is the Bread of Life.

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