September 10, 2017

Bible Text: Acts 20:28-32 |


This sermon is the second message from Acts 20 about the task of church elders, with the focus of the sermon being on the warfare of elders. In the same way we learn from verse 28 that elders are to care for the church, so we learn from Acts 20:29-32 that elders are to protect the church from people who would ‘ravage the flock’ or who would introduce twisted or perverse teaching in an attempt to draw away disciples after themselves. Because church elders are tasked with the care of Christ’s bride in Christ’s absence, Paul impresses upon the Ephesian elders, as well as to elders today, the urgency of fulfilling their task of leading and feeding the church as well as of protecting the church for Christ’s sake and the good of their respective congregations.

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