October 8, 2017

Bible Text: Acts 22:21-23:11 |


In this sermon we find Paul - like Jesus before him - on trial for his life in the house of his enemies. Paul, a devout Jewish Rabbi, had done the unthinkable for a first century Jew. He had become a follower of Jesus the Crucified. But even worse in the minds of the Jews who didn’t follow Jesus, he also preached that the Jesus who had been crucified by the Jewish leaders and the Roman authorities was both Lord and Christ, and there was salvation in no other name but that of Jesus. Thus, he had been mobbed in the temple by an angry crowd and taken into protective custody by the Roman authorities. As the story unfolds, we gain valuable insight into Paul’s character in several ways. This sermon examines Paul’s knowledgeable reaction to the Roman tribune in command of the Roman cohort which had taken Paul into custody, his rebuke of and repentance before the Jewish High Council and his rending of a group of his examiners with wisdom. Further, the sermon examines the assurance Paul gained from the Lord.

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