Did you miss the building program update? I want to encourage you to review the video of Jim Perteet, Elder Chairman of West Hills Community Church, as he presented the update to our building project given on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

Jim outlines the following:

What is the J1 Building Project?
J1 is the shortened named for the Joshua 1 building program. This refers to the campus design, portable replacement, and upgrade of overall facility.

Who is on the building project team?
For the past couple of year, we have had a team of church members that work together with professional architects builders and engineers to help inform best development for next steps towards development.

Why is the church doing this?
We continue to move forward with the development of the new building for a few reasons:

  • Temporary portables that were put in place in the 1980s have been operating under a temporary use permit by the City. In the last few years, the City has been requesting to see the church move forward to a more permanent solution.
  • Regardless of the request made by the City, the portables are wearing out due to the normal use of activity of ministries. We want to continue making use of all of our facilities, so we are in need of upgrading in some manner.
  • We see that there is an opportunity for site development in utilizing the great space that we have on our property.

What are the strategies for development?
The following are our 3 main strategy for development:

  • We want to make sure we put together a project that is phase able, meaning that the church builds as we raise the funds.
  • We want the project to be affordable. We want to ensure a good budget.
  • We have our focus on the final outcome. We are making sure we build the best tool for a facility that will be used well for years to come that leverages the best use of the land.

Where are we now?
We are close to submitting our plan to the City. We will await their comments and code element revisions that we will need to adjust our plans to ensure compliance.

What are the phases?
We have compiled a 3-phase plan of development. Each phase can be broken down to smaller elements; however, at this preliminary plan of development, we are communicating the overall larger scale plan.

Phase 1:
This is the biggest phase of the three as it not only replaces all current use of our portables, but additional include the infrastructure development of the overall plan. In addition, this phase will open up a new mid-level parking area and open space for gathering.
View Phase 1 Plans

Phase 2:
A new worship center that has seating for 340. This phase will include a new outdoor gathering space (East patio) and open area lobby. In addition, our current worship center space will be available for multi-purpose uses.
View Phase 2 Plans

Phase 3:
This is the smallest of the phase developments; however, it is vitally important. In this phase, we will connect the new with the old and complete our project with an indoor/outdoor covered area, kitchen and coffee house welcome area.
View Phase 3 Plans

Where do we go from here:
Be grateful – Please don’t grumble for our wearing out portables, but rejoice for what we have been given thus far.
Be faithful – We desire to use what we have been given for full Kingdom work.
Be prayerful – Please pray that our Lord will guide and provide us for development in His timing.
Be intentional – We want to make sure we set up a facility for future use.

This is an overall project that is not a “they” thing, but relies on being a “we” thing, a family church project. If you have questions, concerns or comments, or if you would like to let us know how you’d like to be involved please fill out our J1 Connect Form:

Joshua 1 Connect Form

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