Adult Equipping

Adult Equipping

Adult Equipping are our classes to equip our minds, hearts and lives around theology, the gospel and living as followers of Jesus in today’s world.

Here are our current classes:

The Gospel and Work

Gospel and Work
God has designed people to work. When you open the pages of the Bible you see a God who is at work like a master architect, a skilled craftsman and a creative artist designing, creating and making the world. This God then calls Adam to work and keep the garden, meaning that the garden of Eden was a place that required cultivation, skill and dedicated work. This is beautiful because it means that work was originally designed to be something good, meaningful and needed for our spiritual wellbeing. Yet, there is a problem, we do not live in a Genesis 2 world anymore. Every single one of us experiences a world where sin is present and work actually works against us. For this reason many of us are challenged by how to walk with God in our vocations and often we can think of “secular” as an necessary evil instead of seeing that God meets us and calls us in our work whether that is in the office, the shop or the home. This Adult Equipping class will be discussing God’s design for work, the challenges we now face because of sin’s presence in the world and how we can bring the gospel into our vocation.

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:00am in Blue 4.