YoungLife Camp

I will be serving on an internship team for the Young Life Adventures camp in Scotts Valley and would like to ask for your prayers in regards to this summer. It is a discipleship camp set up for high school students who want to grow in their understanding of the gospel and what it means to follow Jesus every day. This camp focuses on teaching kids the basics of reading and meditating on the word, prayer, community (the church), and worship. I went last year as a Young Life leader and found this camp to be a special environment for kids to personally get to know Christ more through His word. They have an opportunity to realize that they can approach Him through prayer, worship through music, being outside, and through fellowship with other believers. One key factor is how the interns demonstrate all of this for the students. 

            Each week 50 students will come from all over CA and the team will put on day adventures, study times, and have the chance to show God’s grace, gifting, and love through service. From May to August I will be a part of this experience. Also, the interns will get to share their testimonies every week, as well as run “club” meetings.  It is an intense schedule that will demand endurance, dependence on the Spirit, and lots of GRACE! I look forward to serving as the food manager: basically I will be coordinating with a local camp (Mission Springs), who will cook our food. I will also be charge of all of the meals outside of camp: on the trail, by the river, at the beach, and after the kayak adventure. Oh, and there is also the ever important weekly Costco runs. 

            A few weeks ago I met the team for our training. Our team leaders and dedicated mentors are James and Courtney Thomsen. Comprising mostly of college students, the team is made of people who love Christ and want to grow more in Him by serving others. I pray that as we prepare, the Lord would be gracious to unite us in Him for the sake of His gospel and our faith. I hope that by the way we work together, the students will be encouraged to follow Jesus more because of God’s love and influence through this team.


As we prepare I have one last request. In order to keep camp costs down and to fund Young Life Adventures, I have been asked to raise financial support. I chose a fun way to do so, by signing up for a bike race. It will be held on April 23rd, but donations can be received after this event. The goal is $1,000 and I have raised $400 so far. Here is the link for DIRECT DONATIONS.

Or you can find me at church. Thank you for your support and prayers! Monica Lines 

Posted by Robin Church on 03/23 at 09:26 PM