Wisdom in the Way of Christ is coming August 3rd!

Hi everyone! As we move into August we will take a break from our study in Acts for a special five week series titled Wisdom in the Way of Christ. The series will give an overview of each of the five wisdom books of the Old Testament starting with the book of Job. Our goal is to provide insight into the purpose and flow of each of these rich Bible books, as well as to help us walk wisely in the way of Christ. Our hope is that the widsom revealed in Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesistes and Song of Solomon will aid those who suffer, empower us all as we worship, provide wise insight for day to day life, reveal the key to true meaning in life, and enahnce romantic love, for christians young and old. And so you can read ahead in preparation for each weeks teaching, a reading plan will be provided.

Please note the series schedule below and make plans to join us at West Hills Morgan Hill!

8/6: Wisdom in Suffering (an overview of the book of Job);

8/13: Wisdom for Worship (an overview of Psalms);

8/20: Wisdom for Daily Living (an overview of Proverbs);

8/27: Wisdom When Life Seems Meaningless (an overview of Ecclesistes);

9/3: Wisdom for Romantic Love (an overview of Song of Solomon).  

Posted by Mike Burchfield on 07/28 at 11:23 AM

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