The Joy Drive

The Joy Drive

Easter is a celebration of the new life followers of Jesus have because of the Resurrection. Jesus died in order to defeat death once and for all so that all who follow him in faith will have everlasting life. At the center of the gospel message is that new life is available because of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. As we approach Easter we want to celebrate new life and share the joy we have in Christ.

This year our Joy Drive will be supporting Real Options which is a pregnancy medical clinic that enables people to choose life over abortion through prenatal care, ultrasound imaging, medical treatment, adoption support and many other services. Below you can find a list of items that they need to help parents make that choice for life. You’ll see that the list ranges from pregnancy tests to car seats to even being able to support everything they need to save one full life. We’re not going to be collecting the items ourselves, instead we collecting the money needed for each of those items with giving envelopes and online giving. As a church we will send over those funds with a list of what we’ve supported for Real Options. You can find a giving envelope at the church in each of the seats or in the entry way, and you can give electronically here.

1.   Real Talk Presentation (Jr & Sn high)---$12
2.   Lab grade Pregnancy test------------------$25
3.   Childbirth & parenting classes-------------$28
4.   Advocate consulting (value/cost)---------$50
5.   Pack n play-------------------------------------$90
6.   Medical Consultation------------------------$100
7.   Infant car seat---------------------------------$100
8    Pre-Natal clinic - return appt---------------$100
9.   STI/STD Testing and Treatment----------$150
10. Pre-Natal clinic - 1st appt------------------$200
11.  Ultrasound Exam----------------------------$300
12. Complete cost to save 1 life---------------$1,700
      Other Amount for general donation_____

Posted by David Frederick on 03/15 at 04:07 PM

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