The Gift of Rest

God has given us a gift that many of us have a hard time accepting. The gift is not a toaster, paper shredder or an ugly sweater. It is not something that is frivolous or even something that is “practical"; the gift is something essential and life


Navigating the Ethics of Work

When I worked for a bank we were trained to scan people’s profiles for potential products we could offer. This could mean we suggested people move to a different type of account, add a credit card or sign up for a loan. You now know why some of your


State of the Church

Do you ever wonder where we are headed as a church in 2017? Do you attend West Hills, participate as a member and have questions about our facility plan, our ministries, our values, our vision and how these affect you?

In order to share with our


The Simple Things

When was the last time you thanked your garbage man? Monday mornings are a source of excitement for my kids as they get to see the big truck roll up and take away all our stinky trash. To them it is like a giant robot vehicle, for me it is a breath