When Work Becomes All About You

As we’ve studied how the gospel impacts our vocation and work life we’ve seen that God has a good design for work as part of our human flourishing. God has made us in his image and he is a hard-working and creative God who calls us to cultivate and


Christmas Parade this Saturday!

 Christmas Parade is this Saturday!

Please spread the word...we are meeting at the corner of 3rd and Depot street at 4:30 PM.  Every group must check in at that location, so be on the lookout for us.  The plan is to walk the parade as a group and


A Reason to Celebrate Advent

If you’ve been at West Hills for any length of time, you’ve noticed that we’re not a church that officially celebrates Advent with ceremony and candles. Those not from a traditional, liturgical church background typically have no idea what to


The Men’s Conference is Coming up!

Date: Nov 11-13

Cost: $199

Location: Koinonia Conference Center

The men's conference is less than 10 days away! We're joining up with other bay area churches for a weekend at Koinonia Conference Center for their men's conference weekend. I know


Christmas Gift Drive

Giving to Others
The foundation of our faith is that our salvation is a gift from God. God generously gives of his love and forgiveness to people who have done nothing to earn or deserve it, it is simply a gift. This is grace and the more we


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