What if Your Work Didn’t Make a Difference?

Would you keep working at your job if you knew it didn’t make a difference in the long run? You’d still make the same wage, have the same compensation package and you’d even get to keep your work truck… or office... or cube… or desk in the “bullpen”


To Serve or Be Served?

One quick look around your office, shop or even your home and it is apparent that God has made us all very different from one another. We each have passions, skills and abilities that have been shaped by our genetics, personal histories and our


Working the Ground

Anyone who has planted a garden knows that it is hard work. You first pick your plot of ground to make sure you have enough space and sunlight, then comes all the hard labor to break up the ground, remove rocks and weeds and work to get the soil


The Dignity of Work

Why does work matter? Hopefully as we are moving through this series you can answer that question both with personal experiences and with a deeper understanding of God’s design for work.

One of the reasons that our work matters is that God cares