The Fine Line Between Hard Work and Rest

“As being made in his image, then we can assume that rest, and the things you do as you rest, are good and life-giving in and of themselves. Work is not all there is to life. You will not have a meaningful life without work, but you cannot say that


The Value of Work

What factors do you consider when choosing a job or career? Do you consider pay, benefits and the commute? How about the impact that your vocation could have on God’s kingdom and your spiritual life? Have you thought about how God has uniquely


Global Missions Month

October is “Missions Month” and for 4 Sundays beginning October 2nd and ending the 23rd, West Hills will be focusing on global missions. 

Kicking off the month on October 2nd - our Fellowship Potluck. This month as we celebrate the many nations of


In the Beginning God Created… Work

In the Beginning... God created work. If you're like me, your mind probably doesn't jump to that idea when things are frustrating or you're feeling fruitless. You probably do not even jump that conclusion when things are going well! That is because