You Will Not Drift Towards Godliness

People do not just drift towards godliness. We are in some ways like an old car that needs its steering adjusted. Many of you know that if you take your hands off your steering wheel for even just a few moments that your car will start to drift to


Young Life Camp Second Update

I would like to take the time to give God glory for what He has accomplished at Young life Adventures camp! This is a fantastic camp designed to disciple students in their faith. It specifically focuses on Scripture, prayer, community, service, and


Good News Invading Dark Spaces

Do you buy into the lie that God is expecting something bigger and better from you to be worthy of the new life that he alone can give? Let’s think about that for a moment. That would mean that your efforts and what you do are the power for new


How Honest is Your Social Media Life?

No one has a completely honest social media life. People usually don’t post photos of the hard moments on their family vacation or their 5:30 am selfie with tangled hair and bags under their eyes, and certainly they don't boast about their kids


Preparing for Sunday August 7

On Sunday August 7, 2016 we begin a new series at West Hills, Morgan Hill Campus titled Acts: The Mission Continues, and as the title implies, our study will be of the entire book of Acts. The book of Acts is the sequel to the gospel of Luke and was


Coming in September: The Book of Revelation!

Have you ever read or studied the New Testament book of Revelation? Does the book scare you? Concern you? Encourage you? Do you wonder whether the events described in the Revelation are happening now or are about to take place? Will our world come


Sunday Service Recap - July 31

Welcome to our weekly worship music and service recap. Here you can find links and resources for the songs, readings, and service elements in our Sunday worship gatherings.

Call to Worship: Psalm 86:8-10

This Is Our God
Words & Music by Neil


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