Our Present, Our Future, Our Hope

No doubt, our world seems out of control. Each new day brings reports of new violent encounters at home and abroad. The new sexual revolution is well underway. And the national political scene leaves everyone a bit confused. People ask, "What is


Preparing for Sunday July 24

A few years back I was asked to lead a preparation class for people desiring to be baptized, at a popular music conference. Being curious, I began the class by asking how long those who desired baptism had been walking with Jesus. My assumption was


Man’s Hurdles: A Beautiful Design

My kids watch the same tv shows and read the same books over and over again. You probably did it as a kid too and still have movies that you love or can quote line by line. As a parent, I often think… "seriously, how many times can you watch that


Young Life Camp Update

This year marks 50 years of God’s work in the lives of high school students at Woodleaf. Every year, I look forward to taking kids to camp. After the months of preparation and prayer, there is no sweeter anticipation than the day we drive to camp.


Preparing for Sunday July 17

On Sunday July 17 the sermon will be about 'the church' and why the Nicene Creed describes it as "one, holy, catholic and apostolic". My hope is to answer questions like:

  • What is the church?
  • Is the church a place we attend or who we are?


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