Preparing for Sunday July 3

On Sunday, July 3 we continue our series about the Foundation of Our Faith by considering another foundation stone for a faith well founded: The Work of Jesus Christ. Of Christ's work, Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15:3 that Christ's primary work is of


Sunday Service Recap - June 26

Welcome to our weekly worship music and service recap. Here you can find links and resources for the songs, readings, and service elements in our Sunday worship gatherings.

Call to Worship: Psalm 95:1-3

This Is Our God
Words & Music by Neil


Preparing for Sunday

Have you ever wondered what makes Jesus different than the founders of other world religions? On Sunday June 26 we will consider the second foundation stone of a faith well founded. Our message will answer the question posed earlier as we focus on


Preparing for Sunday June 19

In the opening sermon for The Foundation of Our Faith, we saw how Jesus defines eternal life, not in terms of time, but rather in knowing the one true God and Jesus Christ, whom He sent. But who is the One True God and how is God described? This


Preparation for Sunday June 12

Every wise builder knows that as the foundation of a structures goes, so goes the building. If the foundfation is level and solid, the building will be also. But if the foundation is weak and crooked, the building won't stand straight, nor stand the


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