Men’s Softball 2017

Get out the gloves, (and yes, cleats and icy hot!) Our annual men's softball league begins on Sunday June 25th and continues until August 13th. Registration has begun!

The WHCC Men's softball league not only offers the potential for physical


Posted by West Hills on 05/25 at 03:10 PM

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New Adult Equipping Class: Love and Respect

Marriage thrives with love, intimacy, value and focusing on Christ together as a couple. Yet, every marriage goes through times where communication breaks down, busyness of life drives us to be more distant than we'd like and frankly, following


Posted by David Frederick on 04/27 at 10:46 AM


YoungLife Camp

I will be serving on an internship team for the Young Life Adventures camp in Scotts Valley and would like to ask for your prayers in regards to this summer. It is a discipleship camp set up for high school students who want to grow in their


Posted by Robin Church on 03/23 at 09:26 PM


The Joy Drive

Easter is a celebration of the new life followers of Jesus have because of the Resurrection. Jesus died in order to defeat death once and for all so that all who follow him in faith will have everlasting life. At the center of the gospel message is


Posted by David Frederick on 03/15 at 04:07 PM

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The Gift of Rest

God has given us a gift that many of us have a hard time accepting. The gift is not a toaster, paper shredder or an ugly sweater. It is not something that is frivolous or even something that is “practical"; the gift is something essential and life


Posted by David Frederick on 01/19 at 02:29 PM


Navigating the Ethics of Work

When I worked for a bank we were trained to scan people’s profiles for potential products we could offer. This could mean we suggested people move to a different type of account, add a credit card or sign up for a loan. You now know why some of your


Posted by David Frederick on 01/11 at 09:05 PM

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