Music at West Hills

Music at West Hills

Congregations sing because of what they believe,
and believe because of what they sing.
- J.R. Watson

West Hills desires to help disciples of Jesus worship God together and live completely for Him in every area of life because of His ultimate worth and beauty. In practice, we value worshiping corporately in the preaching of the word, in song, baptism, communion, and prayer. By practicing these things, we are able to inform the mind with the Word of God, engage the heart with the gospel of God, and commit the body of Christ (ourselves) to holiness.

We believe that there is essential value in coming together as God’s people to worship alongside one another in song. Music is one of our primary expressions to express our love for God and to receive His word. (Colossians 3:16)

Our music is:
The message of the gospel is clear. Is there enough gospel-truth in the lyrics for people to be saved? We sing about the gospel every time we gather.

Teaching Focused
Lyrics point to who God is and what He’s done. We ask ourselves when evaluating songs, “If these lyrics are sung, will they help people understand a little more about God’s nature, glory, and works - even if no sermon is taught?”

Musically Relevant
We are not beholden to any one style of music. Whether it is a 200 year old hymn or a song written today, we tend to sing in styles that will help us emotionally connect with the truth. Our emotion is always informed by truth.

Where we find most of our music:

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Get Involved

Interested in using your musical and technical skills to bring honor to Christ, and to serve the body at West Hills? If you are interested in serving in the worship ministry, here’s what to do:

1) First and foremost, join in membership with West Hills. All members of the worship team, from musicians to technicians, must be an active member of West Hills Community Church. View here to learn more.

2) Singers and Instrumentalist must participate in an audition and interview. To begin the process, please fill out the worship team application form.

Must Read for all worship team members:
Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rockstars by Stephen Miller

Recommended Blogs and Books to read:



Resources for Sound Technicians:

The Ultimate Church Sound Operators Handbook, Bill Gibson